When trying to standardize a creative mind, it ends up looking for a place to develop freely.

We are talking about Ana Prado, who started her professional career in advertising, a sector that left her very little freedom to develop her talent, which has led her to express herself artistically through photographic portraits.

Ana shows in her work a special sensitivity to the queer community, among whom she receives great recognition for her photos.

Her photographic gaze is intimate. Through it she manages to bring the viewer the feeling of pride of a community that is still fighting for their rights in 21st century society. The people portrayed in her work seem to give her a sincerity and authenticity that is very difficult to achieve, which contrasts with the artificiality and the kitsch component that characterizes the artistic direction that she captures.

What if clients gave more creative freedom?

Ana’s work and career must make us wonder where the limit of creativity in advertising work should be and what relationship exists between the waste of creative talent in the sector and the lack of bravery of brands, which end up saying what the mass wants to listen, instead of taking the path of authentic differentiation and the creation of its own opinion, which it is only obtained by allowing certain talents to apply their particular point of view to the brand coherence.

Ana Prado’s photographic work can be seen in full on her Instagram account @ardenqueardan.

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