We Manage Uncertainty

We are a group of professionals from the world of strategic planning and brand management who believe that social sciences and humanities are the most powerful tools to thrive in a world that has run out of certainties.

From now on it is useless to continue conceiving strategic planning with the same tools as usual: forecasts, data, trends and innovations biased and created by corporate interests. Planning in a context of uncertainty requires improvisation and improvising successfully requires large doses of knowledge and experience, which are what we try to obtain and disseminate here through social sciences and humanities applied to critical and holistic analysis (the whole is bigger than the sum of its parts) of marketing and business reality.

This approach allows us to obtain a stable source of knowledge where the feeling of constant change is relativized. We observe that the functions and structures that dominate the markets are, in most cases, not as deep as they seem to be, but that they are part of a sociocultural whole. And that looking into changes is as important as looking into the permanent.

This is our way of managing uncertainty.

Who we are


Publicist &

Sara Lucas

Account Director. More than 10 years managing brands in both national and international communication projects. Advertising is a reflect of culture. Philosophy is the future and the only mean to be able to get to an understanding .

Strategic Planner & Anthropologist Student

Vicente Gallego

Independent Strategic Planner. Currently studying social and cultural anthropology. A discipline that he considers is becoming more and more important and that reinforces his professional career.



Pablo Sio

Digital Product Designer based in Barcelona. Since 2016 has been helping enterprises as well as professionals to create user-centric digital experiences.

Humanist, Translator, Content Builder

Belén Lucas

Polyglot, with studies in art, history, philosophy and literature with focus on French and Spanish languages. Based in Berlin where she works as cultural manager and translator. Humanities should be integrated in all economic and social sectors of our country.

Ana Prado
Photographer, Creative Director

Based in Madrid. More than 6 years working as creative copywriter in different advertising agencies. As photographer she’s known as ‘Arden’. She’s become popular for her artistic work portraying the queer community.

Philosopher &

PhD in AI applied to advertising language and founder of one of the first Growth Hacking companies in Spain. He combines a humanist strategy altogether with the latest growth technologies to grow his clients’ businesses.