Metamodernism: Optimism and Irony to survive everything (and despite everything)

We all share a collective unconscious that is the result of our context. Metamodernity is the zeitgeist of our times; the great collective framework that makes us develop certain sensibilities and manifests itself in a new consumer. A consumer who oscillates between the optimism of Modernity and the nihilism of Postmodernity. Optimistic despite everything.

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Since we receive information in real time, marketing departments and agencies become hesitant in making decisions and impatient in obtaining results. And they panic when there is an immediate unfavorable reaction.

We are then faced with a dilemma, how to build marketing or communication plans, brand building campaigns in an environment that seems constantly mutable and uncertain, where we cannot have the certainty of knowledge to make the right decision?

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What are Humanities for? Many young people with an interest in studying Humanities (philosophy and liberal arts included here) are often forced to explain their choice. Choosing the path of “the contemplative life” can be a waste of time for many. When somebody wants to find out why someone would have the fatal idea of…

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